Public AnnouncementThe End of Cuse Juice

July 29, 2019

Broken Hearts

Syracuse University forces the end of Cuse Juice Orange Liqueur

Since the fall of 2018 we have been in discussions with Syracuse University about their “concerns” regarding our popular Cuse Juice Orange Liqueur.  After full consideration, weighing the impact of any potential litigation, we have entered into an agreement with Syracuse University which required us to cease production of Cuse Juice and to liquidate all remaining product by October 1, 2019. All the Cuse Juice we, our distribution partners and your local bars and liquor stores have is all there will ever be. Our agreement prevents us from using the name in the future. In short, Cuse Juice is no more.

Together “WE are Cuse”

Cuse Juice has been an extremely popular product since it’s initial release at the New York State Fair in 2018 and has found its way into many bars, restaurants and homes. Ironically Syracuse University itself purchased several cases early on to gift to University donors. Cuse Juice has been specifically requested and donated to numerous charitable organizations throughout the Central New York area.  Demand even stretched far beyond our distribution reach with requests coming in from Syracuse area natives living out of state. Cuse Juice found its way into Lock 1 Distilling Cuse Juicemany people’s hearts. We know because we have heard it, and still hear it, everywhere we go and it always makes us smile. Our homage to the city next door struck the nerve we intended as people felt a personal pride in that “Nectar of the Sun from the City that sees none!” Cuse Juice was always about that connection to Syracuse. Whether you live downtown, or in the suburbs as we do, the City is a big part of who we all are and together, collectively, “WE are Cuse.”  Many people felt and feel that same way. We are proud of that. We set out to make the best tasting premium Orange Liqueur on the market and we feel we achieved that goal. We could never have imagined the way it would be embraced and it has been our privilege to share that love for it, and for the City of Syracuse with all of our customers and fans. 

A Tough Decision

We are sad to see that end but we felt that we had few if any good options. We are a small, family business, and those who work for us and with us: employees, grain producers, bottle makers, label makers all live right here in the greater Syracuse area. They are counting on the decisions we make to guarantee they can meet their day to day needs. We take that responsibility and trust very seriously and have chosen to act accordingly to protect those interests and to continue to deserve and earn that trust.

Our agreement ensures that our distribution and retail partners (ie.local liquor stores, bars and restaurants) will not face any potential litigation and may continue to sell any current stock or any units acquired from our final, existing stock,  without restriction, after the October 1st deadline. You will be able to get your Cuse Juice “fix” for a little while longer but, not too long. There just isn’t all that much out there when it comes down to it.

Get it while you can!

To this end the last remaining bottles are available immediately on a first come, first served basis. This extremely limited supply (approximately 4800 bottles) represents the final bottles of Cuse Juice ever to be produced.  We anticipate demand will be extremely high. Wherever you get your Cuse Juice you should be sure to pick it up sooner rather than later. We have bottles and even cases for sale while the supply lasts at our Tasting Room & Cocktail Lounge located at 17 Culvert St. in Phoenix, N.Y. and you can ask your local liquor stores and favorite bars and restaurants to be sure to have it on hand as they can continue to use it and sell it. After October 1st, we cannot have any in our possession. 

The future is bright

In closing we want to express to you our appreciation for your continued support. We have exciting plans for new products to join our award winning Ryze Vodka, Inferno Cinnamon Whiskey, Liquid Candy Cane, Locktender’s and Drawbridge gin. We are also patiently awaiting the July 2020 release of our first NY Bourbon.  We can’t wait to show you what the future holds. 


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