Lock 1 Mango Excuse Juice

Mango Excuse

Mango Excuse Juice

Our fruity tropical line of Excuse Juice Liquors begs the question “what’s your excuse?”. We currently offer a Pineapple Excuse Juice, a Coconut Excuse Juice, a Mango Excuse Juice and the ever popular Orange Excuse Juice. Everybody that doesn’t have an excuse needs at least one. Ask us for the next Excuse. You want a peach excuse juice? A banana excuse juice? An amaretto excuse juice? Give us an excuse to make another excuse!!

Mango Excuse Juice: This 60 proof mango liqueur adds a delicious green mango flavor burst to your favorite margarita, martini, daquiri, old fashioned…any cocktail you desire. Great in mimosas and perfect to mix with the other Excuses Juice for a full tropical experience – who doesn’t need an additional excuse?

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